Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions and development involve a variety of legal issues from negotiating contract terms, securing title insurance, and dealing with regulatory matters, to closing the deal. These issues require the advice and insights of knowledgeable real estate counsel. Our firm also handles real estate disputes, as well as probate and estate administration.

At The Tabbaa Firm, we serve as strategic partners to our clients during real estate acquisition, development, and beyond. We provide representation with matters including the following:

Real Estate Transactions & Closings
Purchase and sale agreements, real estate contracts, title assessments, encumbrances, easements, and title defects.

Property Development
Property development matters related to land use, zoning, permit approval, land survey disputes, and other housing development and land development issues.

Real Estate Contracts and Leases
Review and drafting of residential and commercial real estate leases and contracts.

Construction permits, mechanic’s liens, contractor licensing, construction defect claims, and construction contracts.

Real Estate Litigation
Real estate contract disputes, border disputes, property line and easement disputes, eminent domain, and other litigation involving real property and real estate development.

Homeowners & Condominium Associations
Condominium associations and homeowners’ associations disputes, enforcement of covenants, and other condominium and homeowners’ association matters.

Probate and Estate Administration
Administration of a will and decedent’s estate through the probate process.